Catholics Speak Out
Catholics Speak Out (CSO) is an organisation of lay Catholics, sisters and priests working for the renewal of the Australian Catholic Church in the spirit of Vatican Council II and following the lead of Pope Francis. It is not a new organisation, but simply a name-change for what was previously Catholics for Ministry. Our emphasis is on speaking out on structural issues that are important for the renewal of Australian Catholicism.

Women's Ordination Worldwide (WOW)
An international ecumenical network whose current mission is admission of Roman Catholic women to all ordained ministries. You can keep up to date with WOW on facebook.

Living water for Myanmar
WATAC-er Rosemary Breen had a vision to install 100 water tanks in Myanmar villages, she has now surpassed that goal with more than 180 tanks installed and Rosemary continues to work to bring clean water to the citizens of Myanmar. You can help with a tax deductable donation through the Global Development Group or to be put in touch with Rosemary contact WATAC. You can view the process of building the tanks and some finished ones at our photo gallery 'Living Water Myanmar'.

WOW and the diaconate of women
This petition began during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. In October 2008 an international delegation travelled to Rome to present the petition to the Pope -- in eight languages, on behalf of 28 Catholic organizations and with 1800+ personal signatures. The document was accepted by a Vatican official, but Pope Benedict never replied.

Under Pope Francis the question of women's diaconate has re-emerged with new potential. So we have re-opened our facility for collecting signatures in preparation for a fresh attempt to present our petition, this time to Pope Francis.

Australian Catholics for Equality
Australian Catholics for Equality are members from the diverse spectrum of Australian society that celebrates the gifts and the lived experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex, Queer (LGBTIQ) Catholics as part of our lives. Our journey as faith-filled and faithful Catholics from this rich tapestry of experiences and backgrounds, calls us to seek equality and justice with LGBTIQ citizens in our church and society.

Inclusive Catholics
Inclusive Catholics is an evolving movement/community in Melbourne, still in its embryonic development.

The Jubilee Declaration
Presents a blueprint of how authority could & should function in the RC Church & on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, calls on all other members of the People of God to assess the situation in our church. Read more about & sign the declaration

Pink Smoke Over the Vatican
The award-winning documentary film about the controversial movement of women being ordained as priests in the Roman Catholic Church is now for sale at This film will inspire anyone who has experienced discrimination and marginalization to stand up to power, no matter what the odds, and follow their true call.

If you would like to purchase Pink Smoke Over the Vatican & do not have access to PayPal it will soon be available at Amazon or feel free to contact the WATAC office as we may have copies available to sell.

Roman Catholic Womenpriests
Roman Catholic Womenpriests (RCWP) is an international movement within the Roman Catholic Church. The mission of Roman Catholic Womenpriests is to primarily spiritually prepare, ordain, and support women from all states of life, who are theologically qualified, who are committed to an inclusive model of Church, and who are called by the Holy Spirit and their communities to minister within the Roman Catholic Church.

The Short Collection
A range of exclusive, competitively priced blank photo greeting cards, photographic enlargements and everlasting calendars produced by Maureen Short and 100% made in Australia, featuring a selection of spectacular ever-changing images. Maureen has for some years now been the ‘unofficial’ official photographer for WATAC and her work for us can be viewed at the Photo Gallery.

Hans Kung Open Letter to the World's Catholic Bishops

Catholics in Coalition for Justice and Peace (CCJP)
A coalition of individuals and groups, working for the emergence of just social structures in Australia and overseas. It works as an integral part of the Church at the service of the world and especially of the victims of injustice. They hold a monthly Sunday seminar and have other ideas on how you can become involved at their website

The Women's Ordination Conference (WOC)
The world's oldest and largest organization working solely for the ordination of women as priests, deacons, and bishops into an inclusive and accountable Catholic Church.

Bridget Mary's Blog
Living Gospel Equality Now: Loving in the Heart of God: Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests shops into an inclusive and accountable Catholic Church.

The Edmund Rice Centre
A social justice group serving the needs of the Indigenous community as well as refugees and asylum seekers.

Eureka Street
A public affairs, arts and theology publication of the Australian Jesuits. You can subscribe to either a daily or weekly Eureka Street email. The daily email will alert you to articles that respond to news events as they occur. The weekly email compiles the week's articles for those who do not wish to receive an email every weekday.

The Tablet
A publication of progressive, but responsible Catholic thinking, a place where orthodoxy is at home but ideas are welcome. You can subscribe to the Tablet newsletter and each week they will email you a letter highlighting specific issues in that week's Tablet, together with all the links to the free articles.

The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company
Reports, comments and reflects on the church and society. It strives for excellence in its publications, supporting a full, honest and open exchange of ideas. It works out of a Roman Catholic tradition and an ecumenical spirit. It emphasizes solidarity with the oppressed and respect for all. It understands that peace, justice and integrity of environment are not only goals but also avenues of life.

The thoughts & works of Sr Joan Chittister
Joan Chittister is an outspoken advocate of justice, peace and equality — especially for women world-wide — and has been one of America's visionary spiritual voices for more than 30 years.

A service of Church Resources. It is a daily news service with prayer, meditation and Catholic website reviews. It is the most visited Catholic website in Australia, providing a mix of news and prayer updated daily, which is also available free of charge by email. The Catholic News is produced each week day and you can have it emailed to you by visiting clicking on Contact at the foot of the page and follow the instructions to subscribe free.

We are Church
An international movement, founded in Rome in 1996, committed to the renewal of the Roman Catholic Church on the basis of the Second Vatican Council and the theological spirit developed from it.

A vigorous discussion on Catholic spirituality, theology and faith for adults seeking to enrich their lives.

Catalyst for Renewal
Produces a print journal, hold forums with guest speakers and reflection days, they also run Spirituality in the Pub.

Eremos Institute
Eremos is a forum and support for individuals and communities to explore, express and deepen their spirituality within an Australian context.

Writings of Sister Maureen Flood
On her 70th birthday, four days before her death Maureen Flood's family & friends promised they would put her into cyberspace & here she is.

Amnesty International
A global movement defending human rights and dignity, promoting a culture where human rights are embraced, valued and protected.

The Catholic Women's Weekly
The Office for the Participation of Women (OPW) was established by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference and is mandated to act as a focal point for ongoing dialogue and the integration of ideas pertaining to women and their participation in the Catholic Church in Australia. The Women Matter e-newsletter aims to promote dialogue, celebrate the good news stories, reflect on our experience and provide information on activities and events in your diocese.

Women for Wik
Was established 10 years ago to inform about & support Native Title - Women for Wik has reformed because of concern about the Howard governments emergency intervention in the Northern Territory. You can support Women for Wik or just see what they are up to at

Young Christian Workers Movement
Works to create a society, which actively supports and values the God given dignity of each person and consciously uphold basic human rights, especially the right to meaningful and just work.

Make Indigenous Poverty History
A campaign which aims to ensure that the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) do not overlook the poverty suffered by Indigenous Peoples around the world, especially in Australia.

The Anti-Slavery Project
A Community-Based Solution to Ending Slavery and Human Trafficking – The Community Law Centre at the University of Technology, Sydney, has been providing direct assistance to trafficked and enslaved persons since 2004 and now sponsors the Anti-Slavery Project (ASP). ASP is dedicated to eliminating slavery in all of its forms through a range of direct service and advocacy programs. Collaboration is a core value at ASP and we are committed to engaging a broad audience of client, community and government stakeholders in activities aimed at ending violence, exploitation and injustice.

The Christian Conference of Asia
A regional ecumenical organisation representing 16 National Councils and over 100 churches/denominations in Aotearoa-New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.

NSW Ecumenical Council
Comprised of sixteen (Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox) Christian churches throughout New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory. As churches together we are committed to a journey of peace and reconciliation for ourselves and our world, rediscovering our unity in the love of Christ in order that God's love and healing may be known to all. Being together enables us to know God more deeply, to express a common voice on issues of concern in society, and to work together on specific projects concerning the churches and the needs of the wider community.

The National Council of Churches Australia
17 Christian Churches, gathered from across this wide brown land, who have embarked on a pilgrimage together. We each bring a widely varied history of place, experience, and theology, but we share a common faith and confession in the Lord Jesus Christ as God and Saviour. We also share a common future as we are convinced that the future of Christians in Australia lies together, not in separation.