One of the key avenues of connection and communication for WATAC-ers is the Newsletter which is currently produced four times a year. Bernice Moore edits the Newsletter while Margaret Knowlden does the typesetting and is contact person for the group reports. Helen Coles, the WATAC Administration Officer, is also very involved in the production and distribution of the Newsletter.

The first ever WATAC NSW Newsletter was produced in April 1990 when WATAC’s office was part of the ACLRI (Australian Conference Of Leaders Of Religious Institues) in Collins Street, Annandale. Bernice Moore edited the Newsletter from 1990 to 2006 as part of her job as full-time co-ordinator of WATAC NSW. There were five formal issues of the Newsletter per year as well as several mini-supplements to remind people of up-coming events.

While most issues were typeset with added cartoons and artwork, some even included hand-written additions. In these early years, especially in 1993 and 1994 the Newsletter was photo-copied and hand collated at the Office (almost impossible to imagine now). In the late 1990’s Maureen Watterson took on the task of helping to produce the Newsletter which was then sent to a printer and this enabled a more professional looking newsletter.

The latest evolution of the newsletter was undertaken in 2007 with a new WATAC editorial team and it is now possible for members to receive the WATAC NSW News via regular or email.

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    Newsletter Archive:

    • WATAC News Vol. 21 No 4 – December 2010
    • WATAC News Vol. 21 No 3 – August 2010
    • WATAC News Vol. 21 No 2 – May 2010
    • WATAC News Vol. 21 No 1 – February 2010
    • WATAC News Vol. 20 No.4 – December 2009
    • WATAC News Vol. 20 No.3 – October 2009
    • WATAC News Vol. 20 No.2 – June 2009
    • WATAC News Vol. 20 No.1 – February 2009
    • WATAC News Vol. 19 No.4 – December 2008
    • WATAC News Vol. 19 No.3 – September 2008
    • WATAC News Vol. 19 No.2 – June 2008
    • WATAC News Vol. 19 No.1 – February 2008

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