• Acting Now to Change The Future – Rosemary Breen – 2012 WATAC Luncheon Address
  • The Passion of the Prophet – Dr Patricia Fresen – WATAC Conference 2011
  • A Voice We Need to Hear – Ilona Lee – 2011 WATAC Luncheon address
  • Sr Elizabeth Johnson’s Quest for the Living God
  • Professor Larissa Behrendt’s address to the 2010 Luncheon – Professor Larissa Behrendt
  • Clearing up some of the myths on asylum seekers coming to Australia – Phil Glendenning
  • ‘Baptised into Christ’ from Paul to WATAC – Elizabeth Julian – WATAC Conference 2009
  • The First People – Long-Term Solutions are Essential – Professor Larissa Behrendt – WATAC Conference 2009
  • “Spirituality and Contemporary Culture” – Joan Chittister
  • “Women Power and Peace” – Joan Chittister
  • “Why Not Count the Women and Children?: Enough for all in Scarce Times” – Ann Gilroy
  • “Mothers, Daughters and Church: Let There Be Hope” – Ann Gilroy
  • Patty Fawkner’s Address at WATAC Luncheon 2004
  • Resources for students providing food for thought, discussion and assignment content
  • Women Celebrating the Spirit – Ann Gilroy

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